Biogest Septic Tank Treatment

Drainage Treatments

Biogest has been designed to restore and maintain natural activity in septic tanks and soakaways.



◾Available in liquid or powder form (ECS stock the liquid tip & pour bottles for same day dispatch)

◾Includes a broad range of organic waste degrading bacteria

◾Can be manually applied or dosed via an automatic dosing system



◾Restores the biological balance in a septic tank

◾Helps maintain an aerobic septic tank, reducing odours

◾Breaks down a broad range of organic waste matter

◾Eliminates smells

◾Eliminates water-logged tank surrounds

◾Will eliminate or substantially reduce emptying requirements

◾Can be shipped worldwide

◾Is safe & easy to use

◾Is available in an innovative tip and pour bottle



Manual Application:

25ml/week from a 1lt Tip&Pour bottle or a 25gm sachet applied directly to the toilet farthest from the septic tank.

Automatic dosing:

20lt drum dosing a set amount on a daily basis.




We also stock a selection of Roebic & Sea-Chem drainage treatments




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