Silage Effluent Tanks

Did you know??

Silage liquor is top of the pollution league and can be upto 250 times stronger than domestic sewage! If the liquor is allowed to enter a stream, it can result in the death of fish and plant life as far as 10 miles downstream…..and a substantial fine &/or prison sentence for your trouble.

ECS silage effluent tanks are manufactured from high quality, chemical resistant materials, and most importantly, come with a minimum 20 year guarantee!

Available from 2,800 to 240,000 Litres capacity we have  the most extensive range available in the market.


How big a tank do I need?

Where the volume of silage stored is less than 1500m3*, 3000litres of tank space is required per 150m3 of silage stored.

Eg. Silage stored = 900m3

Tank Size = 900 divided by 150 = 6

6 x 3000 litres = 18,000 Litre tank


* When the storage volume is in excess of 1500m3, you must allow for 30,000 litres of storage PLUS 6.7 litres for every litre over.

Therefore, if the clamp size is 15 x 35 x 14 (7350m3)

7350 – 1500 = 5850 x 6.7 = 39195 + 30000 = 69,195 litre tank

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