GRP Lift Liners

Our GRP lift pit liners are manufactured to suit your individual requirements and are supplied to site as one piece ‘ready for use’ items. Occasionally, when the required dimensions for the liner  exceed road delivery parameters, or need to fit through an existing doorway, we  can  deliver in two or more sections and permanently join on site. By utilising this option, carried out  by our trained & skilled operatives, your 12 month warranty will remain intact.

Manufactured with an isophthalic resin gel coat and class one (BS476) self extinguishing resins, our robust GRP (glass reinforced polyester) body is made from material sourced from leading manufacturers with a recognised, high quality track record. The general material content is highly resistant to attack by any corrosive chemicals or leachates which may be present on brownfield sites. This applies to both liquid and gaseous forms of leachate.

It is important that where leachates are present to dress DPM materials down into the liner and attach these with a suitable adhesive. The liner can be considered as a gastight unit.

A nominal material thickness of 6mm comprises of:-

1. An internal coat of pre-coloured Ipsothalic gel coat, blue unless otherwise requested.

2. 5.5mm resin / glass, ration 2.0 / 1.0 (by weight) sprayed onto a dedicated single use mould in one complete operation.

3. A flow-coat comprising 50/50 resin – gel coat mix, to provide additional waterproof membrane to external surface, coloured white.

Where liners are to be used as a containment sump for collection of aggressive chemicals, specially formulated resins are available to withstand most liquid environments.

We can also provide & make provision for bolt boxes, service ducts, over or undersized flanges & lifting eyes.

Please request our Lift Liner data sheets should you be uncertain of your requirements or contact our sales office on 03456 123 332 should you wish to discuss further.