Flow Controls

Our Flow Controls offer a much improved design over other available units.

There are no moving parts and to allow for a long maintenance free life, all units are constructed from AISI 304 Stainless Steel. For foul or contaminated water situations, the units can be constructed from the higher quality Stainless Steel, AISI 316.

Every control supplied by ECS  is designed to offer the most maintenance free design possible whilst meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations 2010.


• Control of surface water run off from: ◦Housing ◦Industrial developments ◦Infrastructure developments ◦Land drainage

• As part of flood and pollution alleviation schemes within: ◦Existing sewerage systems ◦River networks

• Flow balancing in: ◦New and existing sewerage systems ◦Sewerage treatment works ◦Potable water treatment plants

• Control of pass-on flows from: ◦Combined sewer overflows ◦Storage tanks ◦Reservoirs

As well as vertical and horizontal flow control units, we also offer orifice plates and penstock valves. Please ask us for further information and advice