G-BAG "stress free" grease management

What makes the G-Bag Grease Trap the right choice?

The G-Bag is a grease trap that needs no costly electrical supply and doesn’t smell in daily operation or cause an odour nuisance when it needs cleaning.

The G-Bag is a uniquely designed, ‘Stress Free’  highly effective grease trap and is fully compliant with environmental and building regulations.

The G-Bag design features a unique plastic bag/trap with integrated pipe work and baffles which provides an odour free operation and can be simply and easily removed as and when required for replacement or maintenance purposes.

The innovative G-Bag trap has the option of either a premium stainless steel housing or a robust High Density Polyethylene Housing.

● No more manual bailing of waste

● No more vacuum/suction cleaning

● No more contact with the waste

● No more odour problems