Siltceptor - Silt Traps & Vehicle Wash Separators

The Environment Agency guidelines (PPG13) requires all discharge from brush wash or pressure washers to discharge into a foul drainage system and where there is no foul drainage available, the effluent must be contained within a sealed system or catch pit (silt trap) for disposal by a licensed waste contractor.

The build-up of silt and dirt from vehicles is a major problem particularly from washdown facilities and we are offering the Siltceptor Range to meet the requirements of these guidelines.

All ECS Siltceptors will efficiently remove  silt and dirt whilst providing a reasonable level of separation of hydrocarbons (oils, greases, petrol’s) which may be contained within the runoff from the drained wash down area.

Silt Traps/Catch Pits

We can provide a wide range of silt trap/catch pits (which can be supplied with a D400 heavy duty open grating) for surface water catchment arising from vehicle wash bays and surrounding hardstand areas.

We also have the option of large silt trap/catch pits with the choice of a single open grating or a dual open grating for twin wash bays & larger catchment areas and bays.

Whatever your predicament, ECS have the answers………

Silt Interceptors

It is widely recognised that single stage units provide the most efficient performance when removing silt and dirt. With a vast range of ECS units available, we are confident we have the solution to your meet your requirements.

We also understand that all sites/installations are different & we can, therefore, design individual bespoke products that best suit your specific site application.

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