Separator Servicing

Separator System Audit

Environmental Construction Solutions Limited’s comprehensive range of services have been modelled on the requirements detailed in the Environment Agency / SEPA’s Pollution Prevention Guideline document PPG3 and the European Standard EN858-2.

Our services are designed to protect our clients from the risks associated with Separator Systems, whilst adopting a regime where emptying is only carried out when needed to reduce unnecessary waste management costs. This service is designed for installations where there is insufficient information regarding the current condition and functionality of the unit.

We conduct an Audit and provide a report detailing the status of the Separator and what cleaning or replacement parts are needed (if any) to ensure that the Separator System can operate efficiently, prior to entering a Service Contract.

Within the Audit we carry out the following tasks:

Establish the type of Separator if not known.

Establish that the Alarm system (if fitted, see below) has been installed correctly.

Compile a Log detailing servicing and cleaning to date.

Measure light liquid and solid level and detail findings in the Log.

Provide a report detailing what (if any) work or cleaning needs to be undertaken.

NB: We could incorporate a site drainage survey with the separator audit

ECS Limited will not enter into a Service Contract without an Audit taking place if a Separator System has been installed in excess of 12 months.

Please note if a service contract is taken out on the sites then 10% of the audit cost will be deducted.

Environmental Construction Solutions Limited’s comprehensive range of services of Oil Separators are carried out by experienced engineers and are modelled on the requirements set by the European Standard EN858-2 and the Environmental Agency’s PPG3 document for Oil Pollution Prevention.

1 – Year Service Contract

This consists of 2 Service visits per year in which we carry out the following tasks: –

Measure light liquid and solid levels and detail findings in Log (if levels are unacceptable site personnel are immediately informed).

Revalidate Alarm and clean Probe.

Revalidate Automatic Closure Device.

Organise cleaning and emptying of tank (if required) at agreed rates).

Replace Coalescing Filter at agreed rates.

Dispose of contaminated filter at agreed rates.

Identify any components that need to be replaced, and replace at agreed rates as per Spares List.


5 – Year Service Contract

Years 1-4 : 2 Service visits per year to perform tasks as detailed in 1 – Year Contract.

Year 5 : 2 Service visits and a FREE Structural Survey ( required every 5 years) in which we:

Organise the emptying of the Separator at agreed rates

Inspect the tightness of the system

Inspect the structural condition of the system

Inspect internal coatings and the state of inbuilt parts.

Check state of electrical devices and installations.

Provide a written report detailing what work (if any) is required.

NB. Our quotation will assume uninterrupted access to site and completion within one working day, with the allowance for 1 hour induction for one engineer.

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To discuss this scheme, or for further information relating to the range available including Separator Commissioning, please contact a member of our team.