JUMBO Grease Traps

The use of a grease trap or separator should be a pre requisite for any property that will have catering or food processing facilities.

Grease traps have been used predominantly in the catering industry to prevent a build up of grease and liquefied fats from solidifying and blocking the flow to the drainage system.

The installation of a grease trap is particularly important in kitchens where more than 30 meals per day are to be served regularly and in food processing plants and abattoirs, where animal fats and bi products are discharged into the foul drainage system.

These days a grease treatment system should be specified and installed as an integral part of the drainage design on restaurants, catering establishments and process plants and abattoirs, particularly those connected to a packaged sewage treatment systems. The specification of the correct grease treatment system is imperative in supporting the drainage system and the sustainability and performance of the final treatment process.

The Jumbo design reflects 20+ years of industry experience and product design and we are delighted to offer this unique product to the market. Manufactured from HDPE it is extremely lightweight at only 20 kilos, however also very durable with a 50 year design life.

The JUMBO’S unique circular baffle sets it apart from other traps on the market and the name JUMBO comes from its profile which we think looks like a small elephant.

We hope you like it as much as we do . . .